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Northern News recognizes our content providers for 2019

Each year, we list the names of those who authored articles during the preceding calendar year, along with links to their articles. The editors are grateful to the 27 people listed below for their contributions to the planning profession and to this publication. We also wish to acknowledge Andrea Mardesich, a former associate editor, who scoured last year’s issues to prepare this list. Thank you, Andrea! 

Altshuler, Beth and Will Dominie. Planners4Health Co-sponsors Healthy/Resilient Homes Leadership Program. (April) 

Arce, OzzyGetting downtowns moving with convenient and sustainable access. (Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020) 

Arjona, Andrea, Richard Boggs, Anthony Nachor, Carolyn Neer, and Mindy Nguyen. Diridon to Downtown: Strengthening San Jose through wayfinding. (June) 

Bihan, Rene. Can a sports arena be a mixed-use, multiplex, urban park? (October) 

Brey, Jared, Next City. Nonprofits may soon get first dibs on SF apartment buildings. (May); The students pushing Stanford to build more housing. (July/August); What is CaRLA, and why is it suing California cities? (September) 

Capstone Studio Class of San Jose State University, Fall 2019. A community engagement project: Toward a Vision for the Alum Rock Community of San Jose. (Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020) 

Castañeda, JamesDirector’s Note. (FebruaryMarchAprilMayJuly/AugustSeptember) 

Frudden, Julia, and Andrew Mogensen, AICP. New state law helps kids and communities thrive, while relieving zoning headaches(Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020) 

Gastelum, Jennifer and Charlie Knox, AICP. California launches program to increase housing production. (April) 

Hamid, Afshan, AICP. A disruptive housing technology: The story of Mare Island, a Base reuse, and Factory OS. (April) 

Herzberg, Samuel, AICP. Marking history with the Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail project. (April) 

Holub, Tom. Exploring Oakland by bike. (June) 

Kamp, John and James Rojas. Collaborative sensory-based community engagement for a more equitable bike/pedestrian environment. (July/August) 

Kidd, Catarina. Meet a Local Planner. (MarchAprilMayOctoberDec. 2019/Jan. 2020) 

Knox, Naphtali H., FAICPBelow Market Rate in California. (February) 

Lantsberg, Alex, AICP, and Roxana Aslan. Taking the high road to fix California’s broken housing production system. (April) 

Livingstone, John F., AICP. The Food Zone. (April) 

Matarazzo, Steve. My short course on Working with Difficult People. (May) 

Paternoster, Robert, FAICP.  Pro bono planning assistance for California communities. (May) 

Pontarelli, Henry. Reclaiming Downtown for People- Downtown Hayward Specific Plan, Code, and EIR. (October) 

Rubin, VictorPolicyLink. Bay Area Equity Atlas. (July/August) 

Savay, Al, AICP. How much house is too much? Rethinking single family house size. (April) 

Scruggs, Gregory, Next City. Big Tech’s affordable housing push doesn’t let them off the hook. (February) 

Soland, Brian, AICP. An American planner in Canada. (Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020). 

Taecker, Matt, AICP.  From Arterial Roadway to Greenway: New regional infrastructure across Berkeley, Oakland, and Emeryville. (April) 

Tsou, Sunny. Zoning ordinance adopted to make zoning consistent with General Plan may be rejected by Referendum. (February) 

Tyler, Elizabeth “Libby,” Ph.D., FAICP. Diversity, inclusion, and equity — a focus of NPC 19. (June) 

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